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Cultivate Satisfied & Loyal Customers

Red Brick Communications knows how to earn the trust of your customer.

Leverage Social Communities

We know how to boost exposure of your brand and encourage conversations.

Listen. Research. Engage.

We’ll build you a community and provide real-time feedback to your customer. Social Interactions + Great Customer Service = More Sales

Connecting Brands with Consumers

Located in Miami, Florida, Red Brick Communications services small business as well as associations, corporations, and private entities in all their social needs from website design and implementation to updates across social media platforms to community outreach. We know how to effectively boost exposure of your brand, monitor interactions, and encourage conversations. By connecting your brand directly to the consumer, you can build credibility, generate buzz, and provide excellent customer service all the while increasing your revenue.

Red Brick Communications offers reliable solutions at affordable prices.  We construct personalized strategies tailored around your business, your needs, and your market. Interested? Let’s chat about how to grow your business and brand!

What We Do

We believe in listening and engaging fans in conversations they want to have. Social media is not about broadcasting your product or service as loud as possible. Sometimes a whisper to the right person is more powerful than announcing your message to a 1000 of the wrong people. We target fans that will add value to your bottom line.


Listening is fundamental to social media. We provide you with the right listening tools that will work towards making your brand not only transparent and responsive, but, most importantly, authentic.


Social media is not about broadcasting your message at the highest frequency possible. It’s about empowering customers. We help you tap into the right type of conversations.


We think like a consumer first and a brand second. In doing so, we produce content that people want to receive, like, and talk about. This is what makes you likeable. Plain and simple.


Tracking online mentions of your brand and steering conversation in the right direction will help you provide a better service to your customer and ultimately help you sell more.

Our Way of Giving Back

Red Brick Communications does its part in giving back to the community. For every social media package we sell, we donate 5% to the charity of your choice. We believe in social media for the social good! Need help choosing a charity? We can help with that. Here’s a list of non-profits that could really use your help:


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